Social Enterprise

Fountain House's social enterprise programs are designed to create alternative employment opportunities and encourage entrepreneurship among members.

Social enterprise achieves a double bottom-line. It offers affordable, top-quality services to clients while providing employees from traditionally marginalized populations with the opportunity to enter the workforce and obtain invaluable job skills.  Through innovative and entrepreneurial ventures, members learn industry specific skills that are transferable in the marketplace.

Wildlife Works is our micro-business incubator and has created five social enterprises:

  • Jack Rabbit Deliveries is a bicycle courier service that delivers food products from online marketplaces, subscription box service companies and farmers markets. 
  • Bluebird Designs is a floral arrangement and plant installation company that offers corporate gift giving and landscaping services. 
  • Clever Cheetah Catering is a catering and event production business that contracts with companies such as Johnson and Johnson and Sunovion. 
  • Rock Dove Industrial Services offers professional services by outsourcing corporate mailrooms.
  • BeeWell provides peer support services to people with serious mental illnesses.

Awards + Recognition

GuideStar GoldBBB Accredited Charity

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