Steven Hilton, Chairman, President and CEO of the Conrad Hilton Foundation

“The problem of mental illness is staggering in its global impact and scale with significant repercussions that adversely affect millions of families and society as a whole. Fountain House’s program of social relationships and meaningful work has literally saved thousands of lives. Its program is a beacon of hope for those living with mental illness who are too often consigned to lives of homelessness, imprisonment, social stigma and isolation.”


Dr. Nirav Shah, former New York State Commissioner of Health

“Individuals with complex psychiatric and physical health challenges deserve access to the high quality care that is provided here. [Fountain House] has been on the leading edge of innovation in serving and meeting the needs of this population.  Over time we expect that the higher quality care that you provide will help save the [mental healthcare] system.” 


Loree Sutton, New York City Commissioner of Veterans Affairs

“Touring the various components of Fountain House, including the computer lab, employment hub, community garden, outdoor patio, study, library, wellness center, art gallery, bustling kitchen and dining hall – stories of hope, resilience and recovery abound amidst the don of organized tasks, duties and responsibilities exercised by members.  An atmosphere of respect, dignity, compassion and pride permeates every aspect of the Fountain House working community.  A common refrain echoed during the tour: ‘At Fountain House community IS our therapy!’ An inspiring mantra for any group, and all the more so given that these individuals are doing so much for the greater good, while also coping with serious mental illness and its pervasive toxic stigma.”



Former U.S. Representative Patrick Kennedy

“I am proud to support Fountain House and their community-based approach to assisting people living with serious mental illness in their recovery. Fountain House is about relationships, and not only between its members and the professional, caring staff. Members are encouraged to engage with each other to regain their productivity and self-confidence, resume their lives, and re-enter society.”


Glenn Close, Actress and Founder of Bring Change 2 Mind

“I am a deep believer in the power of the Fountain House model. To have a stigma-free, member-run, collegial sanctuary where you are taught the skills that can lead to a life where work and independent living are a possibility…not only engenders life-affirming hope, but, indeed, changes and saves lives.”


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