Our Impact

Fountain House’s award-winning programs provide opportunities for its members to belong to a vibrant community focused on work, wellness and social connections. Its engaged staff and members, working side-by-side, create housing, employment, education and health and wellness initiatives that renew people’s lives and reconnect them with mainstream society.

Our outcomes are remarkable:


In the US, 85% of people living with mental illness are unemployed. Through Fountain House’s Employment program, members have achieved an employment rate of 42%.  Our members earn more than $2 million annually at over 40 companies throughout New York City.

Health Care

People living with mental illness are re-hospitalized at a rate of 50%. The re-hospitalization rate for Fountain House members is 10%. Lower hospitalization rates leads to a 21% reduction in the use of high-cost services such as impatient care and emergency room treatments.


Fountain House members complete school at a rate of 77%, compared to 32% for the general population of people living with mental illness.


Of the nearly 57,000 homeless people in NYC, it’s estimated that 40% live with a major mental illness. Ninety-nine percent of Fountain House members are housed, many with our assistance. 

Awards + Recognition

BBB Accredited Charity

Our Global Partners

World Health Organization

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