Fountain House has partnered with universities and institutes to produce evidence-based research of our model. If you are interested in our research, or in partnering with Fountain House, please contact Kevin Rice at

Research Articles

Why We Come: Clubhouse Members Seek Connection, Purpose and Meaning (2020)

Pernice, F.M., Price, M.H. & Rice, K. Why We Come: Clubhouse Members Seek Connection, Purpose and Meaning. Community Ment Health J (2020).

Project to Evaluate the Impact of Fountain House Programs on Medicaid Utilization and Expenditures
May 2017

By Claudia Solís-Román, M.P.A. James Knickman, PhD, NYU Health Evaluation and Analytics Lab (HEAL), a joint initiative of the NYU School of Medicine's Department of Population Health and the NYU Wagner School of Public Service.

This important study demonstrates that high utilizers of New York State Medicaid services have a 21% decrease in total cost of care after enrolling in Fountain House.  Further, it shows greater cost savings among those members who utilize Fountain House frequently.


Weill Cornell Medical College, Healthcare Policy and Research

Fountain House and Use of Healthcare Resources (pdf)

By Zachary Grinspan, MD MS Department of Healthcare Policy and Research Weill Cornell Medical College


Psychiatric Services

A Comparison of Competitve Employment Outcomes for the Clubhouse and PACT Models (pdf)

By  Andrew D. Schonebaum, M.A., L.M.S.W. Jeremy K. Boyd, Ph.D. Kenneth J. Dudek, M.S.W.


Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Mental Health

Clubhouse Community Support for Life: Staff–Member Relationships and Recovery (pdf)

By Kimiko Tanaka, Tom Craig & Larry Davidson


Social Work in Mental Health

Making Connections: Severe Mental Illness and Closeness with Other People (pdf) 

By Jonathan D. Prince PhD, Jacqueline Ansbrow MSW, Anne Bennedict MSW, Joanna DiCostanzo MPH, Olivia Mora MSW, LCSW & Andrew D. Schonebaum MA


Psychiatric Quarterly

Meanings Associated with the Core Component of Clubhouse Life: The Work-Ordered Day (pdf) 

By Kimiko Tanaka & Larry Davidson



Fountain House utilizes AppSheet to create quick, simple and intuitive surveys to gather meaningful data of our membership.



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