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We pioneer the expansion of the Clubhouse model by educating current and future leaders. Our colleague training and leadership programs bring together clubhouse teams from around the world. We give participants skills and knowledge that they can bring to their home community to better serve people living with serious mental illness.


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2019 Training Schedule

Foundations II Group #277 (2 weeks)
February 4th – February 15th  

Leadership Seminar US
March 11th – 14th (Genesis Club)

Directors Seminar Europe
March 24th – 27th (Clubhouse de Waterheuvel)

Fellowship (Group 5, Phase I)
April 8th - 17th

Foundations I Group #278 (3 weeks)
April 29th – May 17th  

Foundations II Group #278 (2 weeks)
April 29th – May 10th

Young Adults US
May 20th – 23rd (Genesis)

Young Adults Europe
May TBD (Goteborgfontanen)

Foundations II # 279 (2 weeks)
June 3rd – 14th      

Foundations I Group #280 (3 weeks)
September 9th –27th  

Foundations II Group #280 (2 weeks)
September 9th – 20th

World Seminar in Oslo                                                              
September 28th – October 3rd

Fellowship (Group 5, Phase II)
October 21st – 25th                         

Foundations II Group #281 (2 weeks)
October 28th – November 8th

2020 Training Schedule

Foundations II Group #282 (2 weeks)
February 3rd – 14th   

Fellowship (Group 6, Phase I)
March 2nd – 11th

Leadership Seminar US
March 16th – 19th (Genesis Club)

Sidney Baer Replication
March 23rd – 25th

Directors Seminar Europe
March 30th – April 1 (de Waterheuvel)    

Foundations II Group #283 (2 weeks)
April 6th – 17th    

Young Adults Europe
May 11th – 15th (Goteborgfontanen) 

Young Adults US
May 18th – 21st (Genesis) 

Fellowship (Group 6, Phase II)
September 14th – 18th

Foundations I Group #284 (3 weeks)
October 19th – November 6th   

Foundations II Group #284 (2 weeks)
October 19th – 30th  

Foundations II Group #285 (2 weeks)
December 7th – 18th



Foundations I - 3 Week Training (New Clubhouses/Directors)

$6,500 (Director, staff, member and 3rd week Board member; includes post site visit)

Foundations II - 2 Week Training (Established Clubhouses)

$4,000 (Staff and member; does not include post site visit)

Work-Ordered Day, Leadership, and Young Adults (1 week)

$2000 (Staff and member; pricing may be adjusted in Europe)


Tuition includes training and lodging for the team at the Ellabee Guest House.


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For more information on tuition and/or lodging please email or call 212-582-0340 and ask to speak with someone in Colleague Training.  For any information regarding the Fellowship program, please contact Jennifer Rivera at


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