Fountain Gallery's 10th Annual Celebration of Life



More than 500 guests converged at The Prince George Ballroom for Fountain Gallery’s 10th Annual Celebration of Life Benefit. The Ballroom, situated in a landmark building in Manhattan’s Madison Square North Historic District and replete with neo-Renaissance architectural details, provided a splendid showcase for the 100 works displayed for sale by the artists of Fountain Gallery, the premier venue in New York City representing artists with mental illness. Celebration of Life is a remarkable collaboration of the commercial real estate industry and the New York arts community with the Gallery, to benefit its member-artists. And benefit they did: Many guests departed the event with newly acquired pieces of original art.

The Esther Montanez Leadership Award was presented to three recipients: John Ambrosini, Executive Managing Director and Director of Property Management and Construction, ABS Partners Real Estate, LLC; Rick Froio, Managing Partner, Atlas-Acon Electric Service Corp.; and The Renate, Hans and Maria Hofmann Trust, which through generous gifts has enabled Fountain Gallery to expand its programs and exhibitions. Patricia Gallagher,Trustee, accepted the Award on behalf of the Trust. The Esther Montanez Leadership Award was established to commemorate Fountain Gallery’s founding director, who was a tireless advocate for people with mental illness throughout her long career at Fountain House until her death in 2006.”


November 14, 2012


Prince George Ballroom
15 E. 27th Street
Between Madison and 5th Avenue
New York City



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