Our members collectively earn more than $3MM through supported and independent employment


About Fountain House Employment Programs

Fountain House’s nationally recognized employment program provides members – whatever their previous work experience – with job readiness skills, long-term employment acquisition and enables them to regain the confidence and motivation needed to obtain greater economic independence. Helping members find and keep jobs within the larger community has been a primary goal of Fountain House since our founding.

People living with serious mental illness face extensive challenges to gaining successful, paid employment. To take on these challenges, Fountain House offers a variety of employment opportunities for members to pursue based on their interests and skills.


What is Transitional Employment and Supported Employment?

  • Transitional Employment (TE) is our part-time work program that sets members up to work in companies around New York City. This, combined with work that members do within Fountain House, gives them the skills and experience they need to find permanent employment.
  • Supported Employment (SE) is a competitive process in which members contend for jobs at New York City organizations against others that do not face the same challenges. Fountain House helps members navigate this process by building relationships with employers and providing member training and support.


Absentee Coverage Policy

A unique attribute of the Fountain House employment program is its absentee coverage policy. If a member is unable to work on a given day, a Fountain House staff worker fills in, providing vital stability and support.


Benefits to Employees and Employers

Members and employers alike reap numerous benefits from working with Fountain House. For our members, the rewards are obvious. Fountain House helps members find financial stability, productivity, fulfillment of aspiration, and a place in society. Our corporate partners stand to gain enthusiastic and well-trained employees, reduced costs in benefits, recruitment and training, and the social investment in our members rejoining society through paid work.

Fountain House has established longstanding employment partnerships with a range of small, medium and large corporations, including:


and many more...

Become a Fountain House Employer

If you are interested in employing Fountain House members through our supported employment program, please contact:

Ian Campbell
Employment Director
Fountain House
p: (212) 582-0341 x249
e: icampbell@fountainhouse.org 

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