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PLEASE NOTE: Fountain House will continue accepting new applications during the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. Fountain House has the ability to welcome new members into our online community where we are currently offering some of the same opportunities and supports as the physical program. Due to our work being done remotely, applications must be done on our website or sent via email. We will not be receiving any applications through fax or mail at this time. Please call/email us with any questions at the following: 

Fountain House Manhattan:
(917) 426-7985
Fountain House Bronx:


About Fountain House

Fountain House is dedicated to the recovery of men and women with mental illness by providing opportunities for our members to live, work, and learn while contributing their talents through a community of mutual support.

At Fountain House members and staff work together in the running of the clubhouse. Members volunteer their time in various units. It is by working side by side that relationships between and among members and staff are developed and it is through these relationships and work that members build skills, develop a sense of purpose and re-enter the community as coworkers, students, neighbors, and friends.


Why are Fountain House clients referred to as members?

Fountain House uses the term “member” to reflect the voluntary, community-based nature of Fountain House. Using this term makes it clear that members are integral and active participants of the program. Fountain House was created by, for, and because of its members.


Do Fountain House members participate in all aspects of running the clubhouse?

Yes. Members are involved in the intake and orientation of new members, housing placements, hiring of new staff, building maintenance, policy decisions, advocacy initiatives, meal preparation, program development, and service on the Board of Directors.


Fountain House Locations

Fountain House has 2 locations in New York:

Fountain House
425 W 47 Street
New York, NY 10036

Fountain House Bronx
564 Walton Avenue
Bronx, NY 10451

How to Apply for Membership

  1. To be eligible for membership an applicant must:
  • Be interested in attending Fountain House, as membership is voluntary
  • Have a primary presenting problem associated with severe and persistent mental illness
  • Be able to get to Fountain House or Fountain House Bronx
  • Not pose a threat to our community
  • Be at least 18 years of age


  1. Schedule a tour of Fountain House or Fountain House Bronx
  • We invite you to come in for a tour of Fountain House or Fountain House Bronx to get a feel for our work and see if the program resonates with you.  To schedule a tour, please reach out to your desired location:

Fountain House
(212) 582-0340 ext. 308

Fountain House Bronx
(718) 742-9884 ext. 18


  1. Submit an application

To be considered for membership, the following documents must be submitted:

  • A Fountain House Membership Application and supplementary substance abuse questionnaire (included at the end of application)
  • A detailed psychosocial summary, current or updated within last 90 days
  • A detailed psychiatric assessment, current or updated within last 90 days, signed off by an MD and/or Nurse Practitioner
  • Copies of all Health Insurance cards

Please note: The supplementary substance abuse questionnaire, which is required by one of our funding sources and is not considered in determining eligibility, should also be completed and submitted at the time of application, and can be found on the final page of the application form.

You may apply online through our secure encrypted form or by mail/fax with our printable applications for Fountain House or Fountain House Bronx.

Apply Online


Download FOUNTAIN HOUSE Application

Download FOUNTAIN HOUSE BRONX Application


When mailing or faxing materials, please direct them to:

Fountain House
Attn: Membership Office
425 West 47th Street
New York, NY 10036
Fax: (212) 664-0750

Fountain House Bronx
Attn: Membership Office
564 Walton Avenue
Bronx, NY 10451
Fax: (718) 742-9867

Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS)

When referring for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) at Fountain House please mail level of Service Determination, Eligibility Summary, along with a Plan of Care (POC) to Nicole Pickett, MSEd, Director of Managed Care Relations via fax, (212) 582-9869 or to the Fountain House address above, Attn: Nicole Pickett. If you have questions about HCBS at Fountain House, please call (212) 582-3155.


For Current Members

If you are a current member of Fountain House, you can visit our member portal to learn more about weekly meetings, daily lunches, and evening weekend programming at


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