Around the House: bipolar

By Alesha L
I was excited to see Touched with Fire and to have the chance to meet the filmmaker, Paul Dalio, but I also had a bit of hesitation.  Not having seen the movie yet, I was afraid it would rely on standard tropes of people with mental illness (such as romanticizing/glamorizing the illness or...
By Kenneth J. Dudek
My favorite Robin Williams movie is The Fisher King.  In it, he plays Parry, a homeless man shattered by tragedy, living in his own world. One especially beautiful scene depicts Parry crossing through Grand Central Terminal following a woman he has a crush on, when suddenly all the commuters...
By Eugene Boria
Eugene BoriaWhen I was thirty-five, I saw a new doctor for a routine checkup.  He asked a series of questions that eventually wound their way towards my mood, and the next thing I knew I was referred to a psychiatrist who asked me even more questions about my mood. Then she handed me a crisp...

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