Director, Center for Leadership and Education


Position: Director, Center for Leadership and Education

Reports To: President

Job Summary:

Fountain House seeks a talented, results-orientated educator and relationship builder who will build on Fountain House’s history as the innovator of the clubhouse model and its training programs.  Working closely with the President and senior management, the Director of the Center for Leadership and Education will play a critical role in advancing Fountain House’s essential mission by advancing its long standing clubhouse leadership development and educational programs.  The new director must be both a strategic and visionary thinker who understands long-range planning and one who is nimble and flexible in order to achieve Fountain House’s goals.  The applicant must be especially skilled in the role of applying expert pedagogical practice and new educational technologies in the service of scaling a social innovation.

Fountain House is expanding The Center for Leadership and Education to provide inspiration and leadership at this moment when mental illness is at the forefront of a global health agenda.  We welcome candidates who share our commitment and values and who are skilled and strategic educational leaders with the ability to build on Fountain House’s history and substantively advance and communicate our work as the innovator of the clubhouse model and training programs.  This position represents an enormous opportunity for an entrepreneurial leader who can make a long time commitment to Fountain House: to pioneer an innovative path in global scaling of a social innovation that is based on practice; to introduce within an academic setting a new field of professional practice, that of the Social Practitioner; and ultimately to improve the lives of a highly stigmatized and marginalized group of people living with serious mental illness throughout the world. 

Fountain House has started developing an internet‑based Learning Exchange to transform the traditional classroom practice into a classroom without walls, and it looks to the new Director to effectively expand the reach and application of the Exchange through a global communication and educational network powered by CISCO video conferencing technologies.  The Exchange, together with the curriculum frameworks produced at Fountain House, provides the groundwork for enabling clubhouses worldwide into joining with Fountain House in fostering the expansion of the model.

The Director will be an influential leader in the broader world of community mental health.  S/he will have the capacity to communicate a coherent and compelling vision as well as the experience and aptitude for building teams and engaging with partners worldwide who share common values and goals across many sectors.  The Director will advance Fountain House’s essential mission in collaboration with Clubhouse International and other mental health experts and organizations.  The Director will be responsible for one of Fountain House’s core missions and will have an annual budget of $1 million.  We seek an experienced educator with knowledge of mental illness, educational policies and practices, innovation, social change, social work and public health.  We will explore these goals and topics through open dialogue with top candidates.

Job Functions:

  • Serve as an ambassador for Fountain House to expand the reach, influence and public recognition of Fountain House as a knowledgeable and trusted leader in the understanding and practice of comprehensive community mental health.
  • Provide leadership in developing and implementing the Fountain House vision and strategic priority for broadening its worldwide presence and reachout to clubhouses and sponsors nationally and internationally in expanding the number and impact of clubhouses through leadership development and educational offerings.
  • Work closely with the President, senior management, staff, Board members, Fountain House members, and the Council overseeing the development and conduct of all colleague training at Fountain House and educational partnerships globally, including designing, updating and publishing curricula for all training activities as the intellectual property of Fountain House.
  • Setting priorities that address scaling a social innovation through education and integrating evaluation and research (metrics, reporting, and communications) into the leadership development and educational programs. Oversee the management of key systems and processes to ensure effectiveness across the Center’s programs.
  • Engage Fountain House members and staff in Center activities enabling those directly affected by the innovation, the members living with mental illness and their associated staff, to participate in the actual design and implementation of the development and scaling effort.
  • Initiate a regional clubhouse development model nationally and internationally.  
  • Manage the staff and budget of the Center for Leadership and Education consistent with Fountain House’s human resources and finance policies.  Additionally, take responsibility through innovative programming for expanding the financial support of the Center for Leadership and Education in collaboration with the Director of External Affairs.

  • Create a new profession and training (that of the Social Practitioner) in collaboration with a university partner.
  • Help to shape and define a culture of education and leadership within Fountain House staff and the Council on Advocacy, Education and Training, a volunteer advisory committee.
  • Represent Fountain House with Clubhouse International for leadership development and education programs.
  • Help translate Fountain House’s mission into a compelling case for engagement.  Publish articles and establish a voice on Fountain House’s website and social media.
  • Maintain regular, consistent and transparent progress reports.


  • Doctorate in Education, Social Work or Public Health is preferred.
  • Minimum of ten (10) years of adult professional education and training experience with five (5) years of management experience leading an education and training program at an organization of similar size and scope.
  • Passion for the mission of Fountain House and the ability to effectively serve as an ambassador for the organization.
  • Strong presentation and writing skills.
  • Bold visionary and strategic thinking with a keen appreciation of the strength of the work of Fountain House.
  • A track record of innovation, an entrepreneurial spirit and creativity to envision the future with a demonstrated leadership and the administrative skills and experience in managing growth. 
  • Deep knowledge of educational theory and practice with experience in developing curricula, educational technologies, adult learning theory, ability to identify best educational practices and to adapt technology to promote their use.  Conversant with mental health and public health issues, and clubhouse model terminology, evaluation and research. 

  • Exceptional communications skills, including clear and persuasive writing and public speaking and experience in working with traditional and digital media in building coalitions and influencing other thought leaders.
  • Demonstrated ability to establish solid relationships with senior management, Board members, Fountain House members, volunteer advisors, and senior staff that foster collaboration, problem‑solving and decision‑making experience.
  • Proven ability in consensus building and goal setting and experience in coalition building with related, yet independent organizations; including engagement in multicultural environments.
  • Respect and value of research and analysis as the foundation of the Fountain House mission and the roots of its credibility, and experience in turning research into accessible products in support of change initiatives.
  • Demonstrated experience in developing innovative programs that attract private and public funding.
  • Familiarity with New York City and the clubhouse model is a plus.


  1. Paid Time Off and Ten (10) Paid Holidays
  2. Paid Bereavement Leave
  3. Medical, dental and vision plans (contribution towards premium required)
  4. Life Insurance
  5. Voluntary Life Insurance
  6. Whole Life Insurance
  7. Short-Term Disability
  8. Long-Term Disability
  9. Supplemental Disability
  10. Workers’ Compensation
  11. Tuition Assistance
  12. Retirement Plan
  13. Tax Deferred Annuity
  14. Flexible Spending Accounts

To apply for this position, you must view website at  If interested, please submit your resume, cover letter and salary requirements to the President via e-mail to  NO PHONE CALLS.  EEO



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