Around the House

By Alan Miller
Voting is a fundamental right in American society—the foundation of our democracy.
By Kenneth J. Dudek
In the last month, Fountain House and the clubhouse community lost two remarkable individuals --Denise Hast and JJ Govan.
By Joe Shaffer
The Falmouth Road Race was our first step in establishing club to encourage, inspire, and support members in understanding and appreciating the physical and mental benefits of running.
Members share their favorite moments from our oasis at the Fountain House Farm at High Point in New Jersey.
Kinga has a diverse background in the clubhouse community. Before joining us in New York, Kinga worked as a psychologist in community mental health services for youth in Poland.
By Raj Basabathini
The best and most rewarding part of the exchange for me, however, was getting involved creatively when the Director asked me to lead the unit in restructuring how they operate and function.
By Raj Basabathini
Hälsningar från Sverige! or... greetings from Sweden! As part of a three week staff exchange, I've been working with Fontänhuset Göteborg in a wide variety of ways.
At the Luncheon & Symposium panelists Dr. Maria Oquendo, Dr. Thomas Joiner, and Kevin Hines shared their promising research and inspirational stories.
By Ashley Womble
Dr. Torrey praised Fountain House for being one of the most effective means of psychiatric rehabilitation in his presentation at the New York Academy of Medicine.
By Amy Klein
Longtime member Amy Klein is looking for a kidney donor to help her live a longer, healthier life.


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