Around the House

By Alesha L
One members shares her experience of watching the brave new film and meeting filmmaker Paul Dalio.
Members and staff share how fitness, nutrition, and healthy habits have become part of our culture.
By Ann Wilkinson
Member Ann tells her story of a near-death experience and her journey of recovery.
By Ann Wilkinson
Member Ann Wilkinson reports on Fountain House's couple, Robert and Karen, as a Valentine's Day special.
By Elizabeth Lion
Nearly 50 years since he first walked through our big green doors and became a member, one of our dearest staff members retired.
We are proud to welcome Bethany Vukusic, Francesco Baglioni, and Jenny Erdman to Fountain House.
The organization recognized Efie for her passion and commitment to transforming the lives of young adults through the power of art.
Fountain House helped me move into my own apartment after decades of living in hospitals, shelters, and on the streets.
At Fountain House, we know that stable and supportive housing provide the keys to mental health.
By Ashley Womble
In a segment titled, "Program Aims to Help Young Adults with Mental Illness Live Productive, Normal Lives," NY1 Reporter Erin Billups featured the great work of Fountain House College Re-Entry.


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