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The organization recognized Efie for her passion and commitment to transforming the lives of young adults through the power of art.
Fountain House helped me move into my own apartment after decades of living in hospitals, shelters, and on the streets.
At Fountain House, we know that stable and supportive housing provide the keys to mental health.
By Ashley Womble
In a segment titled, "Program Aims to Help Young Adults with Mental Illness Live Productive, Normal Lives," NY1 Reporter Erin Billups featured the great work of Fountain House College Re-Entry.
By Elizabeth Lion, By Ashley Womble
We look forward to supporting a coordinated city-wide effort to improve the lives of New Yorkers with mental illness.
By Karen Pratt
Researchers met to share findings from the initial phase of a multi-year program designed to reduce early mortality in people living with serious mental illness.
By Elizabeth Lion
Nearly 400 guests used their passport to inspiration to access a spectacular four-gallery exhibition of more than 100 pieces by Fountain House Gallery artists.
By Ann Wilkinson
Thanksgiving Day is like the Super Bowl for the Fountain House community. We all come together on this special day and give thanks for our Fountain House family.
By Ashley Womble
Our Director of Human Resources & Veteran's Affairs was on a special panel to discuss the creation of a NYC Department of Veterans Affairs.
Being able to afford college is only one of the myriad challenges for veterans returning to school or entering college for the first time, which is why Victory Media’s criteria for “Military-Friendly” colleges is determined through a survey that evaluates campus support, recruitment practices and job placement.


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