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I have had people and tools come into my life that have helped me get to the place I am today: a place of health and strength.
By Raj Basabathini
Check out what is happening at the Fountain House Farm at High Point in 2017.
By Cyrus Daniel Napolitano
The 22nd World Congress of the World Association of Social Psychiatry was held in New Delhi, India from November 30th through December 4th, 2016 with the theme of “Social Psychiatry in a Rapidly Changing World”.
Join Fountain House in welcoming its' third group of Executive Leadership Fellows for their first phase of training on Friday, January 20th. Jill Horan is from Wellspring Clubhouse in Pennsylvania, Jay Brubaker is from Circle City Clubhouse in Indiana and Johan Rydergard is from Fontanhuset Skondal in Sweden.
“I saw something different here. The people were hospitable. There was so much to do. In other programs all you did was group, group, group. You sat around all day talking about your problems. Fountain House helped me accomplish real things, like getting a job and being a productive member of society.”
We are pleased to share the first of, what we hope will be, many blog contributions submitted by the Fountain House community. Thank you Karen! If you are interested in blogging on our website, please contact Elizabeth Lion at
“I’ve spent a lot of my life searching for a place where I feel safe. Fountain House is that place.”
By Karen Pratt
On December 6th, Jeff Aron and Karen Pratt participated in The Kennedy Forum’s Corporate Leadership breakfast: “Leadership for Change,” held in Chicago.
By Elizabeth Lion
When Lawrence Benenson gives - which he does frequently and generously - it is with his heart, but also with his mind.
Longtime Fountain House member Alice Chernick received the Richard Kussmaul Community Appreciation Award from the NYPD Midtown North Precinct Community Council for her hard work advocating for people with mental illness. We're proud to have you, Alice!


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