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By Eugene Boria
When I was thirty-five, I saw a new doctor for a routine checkup. He asked a series of questions that eventually wound their way towards my mood, and the next thing I knew I was referred to a psychiatrist who asked me even more questions about my mood.
By Jonathan Brachman, By Norman Feldman, By Susan Lieblich, By Peter Maraia
Last week, a letter about the new Silver Program went to 400 members. “It’s about time,” said one of those members as she read it. Silver is a word the Japanese use for senior citizen. If you didn’t receive a letter, you haven’t reached your sixtieth birthday yet.
By Andrea Roy
Last Wednesday, February 19, Fountain House was part of a coalition of more than 50 mental health agencies that joined State Senator Kevin Parker on the steps of City Hall to advocate for the creation of specially trained Crisis Intervention Teams (CITs). Steady rain didn’t deter the speakers and other supporters from drawing attention to this crucial issue.


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