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As a society, we are faced with an unprecedented challenge in the modern era, which as an organization, is requiring unprecedented decisions, never before taken in the 70+ year history of Fountain House. I’m writing today to let you know that after much deliberation, but little delay, we have decided to close the clubhouse buildings at 47th Street and the Bronx, and transition our services to entirely digital/online and home-based services.
The Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation made its debut in the famed Saks windows on Fifth Avenue in New York City with a special mural dedicated to mental health awareness, featuring the artwork of Fountain House member artist Osvaldo Cruz.
As Granite Staters head to the polls on Tuesday, there is finally cause to be optimistic about the prospects for improving mental health in America.
The shared responses across all plans are commendable – spotlighting substance use programs, the need for parity in reimbursement, improving access to mental health care, and training more providers. The existence of these plans is a remarkable first, and clearly places mental health as a pivotal issue of our time. However, it has not yet been addressed in any televised debate, where these plans can be dissected, and further thinking drawn out. It’s time to change that.
Before Fountain House, I was in a dark place. I had dropped out of my second college without even completing a semester. I had no support and no one to talk to. I had no one to help me find my direction or guide me. I thought I would be in the same place for the rest of my life.
In December 2011, I lost everything - my marriage, my possessions, my home. I rang in the new year in a psychiatric ward. I was a shell of myself. But in March 2012, I found Fountain House.
I first joined Fountain House in 1982 after experiencing homelessness and incarceration. I’ve been to a lot of other programs where they only work with you for a year or eighteen months. Then you’re back on the street, having to start all over again.
The only way to ensure the long-term recovery of individuals with serious mental illness – and to reduce the costs associated with their care – is by helping them overcome the profound isolation they endure.
Loneliness around the holidays is difficult for anyone— and for people experiencing a mental health crisis, this time can be especially challenging. This year, Fountain House is partnering with ForLikeMinds to deliver messages of hope to people that will be spending the holidays in psychiatric facilities.


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