Winter at High Point Farm

Posted on January 28, 2013
Members and staff work together to gather wood for the winter at High Point Farm.Members and staff work together to gather wood for the winter at High Point Farm.I recently spent some time at High Point Farm, Fountain House’s beautiful 477-acre farm in Montague, NJ. When winter is in all its glory, life at the farm slows down a little, but there’s still a constant stream of members and staff from the city going to do the necessary work. When I was at High Point, two groups were staying over - one for the whole week and one for just a couple of days.
A number of chores must be done every day, year-round – feeding the chickens and cooping them at night, taking care of our two barn cats, and, of course, feeding and watering the alpacas. But the wintertime brings its own work: constantly stoking the wood burning furnace to reduce our dependence on oil and, to do so, cutting and splitting wood throughout the season. Groups go into the forest to cut up the trees that have fallen during the last year. Our farm staff does the most difficult work, but members and staff help drag the logs in and use the log splitter.
Last Tuesday was special; we hired a portable saw mill and created our own lumber from the trees on our property. While we were cutting the trees a pair of bald eagles was flying over our lake, having a great time. The day ended with the staff and members sitting down to dinner, cooked and prepared by all, while a fire burned in the chalet’s fireplace.
At Fountain House we are truly a working community, and these moments are the best expression of that ethic. Without the collective effort of many different people, we would never be able to sustain this jewel of a farm that everyone can enjoy.

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Kenneth J. Dudek
President, Fountain House

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