Wellness Immersion: Building Healthy Habits

Posted on March 23, 2011

The balance fitness station at High Point FarmThe balance fitness station at High Point FarmJulius Lanoil
Wellness and Education Consultant, Fountain House

Wellness Immersion is one effort to support our community in their attempt to begin and continue a healthy lifestyle. Specifically, it is for members and staff who have severe weight or health issues and have decided to improve their lives by learning to eat and exercise for optimal health. It is also for those staff or members who have tried to follow a wellness program but have given up for reasons that can be resolved during a wellness immersion week.

For anyone, a complete wellness program includes aerobic exercise, weight training, stretching, nutritional information, and most importantly, a commitment to real change. Many members and staff at Fountain House are motivated to begin such a program. However, once begun, they, like all new wellness adherents, face the disturbing statistic that 50 - 65% will drop out in three to six months.
We at Fountain House are fortunate to have High Point Farm, which allows as many as 18 members and staff to leave the city and spend quality time working and recreating in the beautiful and rustic outdoors. The work of the farm includes the care and feeding of our alpacas, tending our organic gardens, and beautifying the land and chalet. We also have a lake for swimming and boating, trails for bicycling and hiking, and a newly created fitness trail with 10 workout stations. It is here at High Point Farm that our immersion week takes place.
A maximum of 10 members and three trained staff spend 4 - 5 days at High Point Farm, immersing themselves in a number of discussions and hands-on activities designed to resolve personal issues that limit successful participation in a wellness program.
  • The chalet at High Point FarmThe chalet at High Point Farmdoing something is better than doing nothing “just get there"
  • dealing with medication-induced weight gain
  • eating and loneliness
  • the importance of taking control of yourself

  • chair exercises
  • stretching
  • walking and/or biking the trails
  • doing farm chores
  • abdominal exercises and pushups
  • basic tai chi
Preparing food together at High Point FarmPreparing food together at High Point FarmNutrition, Shopping, and Food Prep

  • cooking on a diet
  • the use of green tea
  • vegetables can be delicious
  • the sugar, salt and fat addiction
  • how to eat when watching TV at night
  • how to eat with less bread
  • how to eat and order in a restaurant
  • how to shop and read food labels
We also practice and discuss relaxation and visualization to personally support their goals and to help continued motivation.  Each participant leaves with a specific wellness plan and the promise that, as graduates of the immersion program, they are welcome to return - for additional help or to help others achieve a wellness lifestyle.


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