From the Teaching Kitchen: Guest Chefs at FH

Posted on November 17, 2011
Chef Ellery Bordon teaching the Wellness cooking class.Chef Ellery Bordon teaching the Wellness cooking class.Just to place you all in the know, the Wellness cooking class has been chopping, cutting, and mixing up a storm. So far, we’ve had two wonderfully talented chefs - each with different instructing techniques on everything from how to pick out the best fruits and vegetables at the local market to the most effective ways to position one’s knife for proper slicing and dicing, not to mention some mighty tasty recipes.
Our first guest chef was Melony Whaley, a one-pot meal wonder who focused on just that. She was also great at roasting vegetables. She talked about the health benefits of roasting, and she was very informative on the different temperatures and timetables for preparing vegetables of varying densities. She was a real pleasure to work with in the kitchen.
Our next guest, Ellery Bordon, demonstrated a lovely authentic Cesar salad, which included a flavorful sherry vinaigrette. He also prepared a number of other salad dressings using ingredients such as Parmesan cheese, ricotta salata cheese, toasted sesame oil, watermelon radish, and many other delicious ingredients.
These classes are a really a great way to take control of what and how you eat!
Quentin Chestnut
Wellness Unit, Fountain House

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