Summer Reading from the Fountain Pen

Posted on July 1, 2011

Literary fans, take note - the summer edition of the Fountain Pen is now available!  Nineteen members contributed original poems, stories, or artwork to this issue.  Below are some excerpts for your reading pleasure. 

Judy Meibach

I am looking for an epiphany
the revelation that will show
me, guide me to
my next destination.
That powers that be
Always have answers
for me and for those
who continue to search.
Yet I am oblivious
to the signs
that are being
transmitted to me.
I was taught from a very
young age that God knew
it all and could guide me
on this treacherous road
called life. And yet
I have stumbled and fallen,
physically and spiritually,
like a blind person who
has tripped the streets
and is struggling to get up.
I don’t let my senses
do their job,
feeling around me for
signs of certainty,
smelling the sweet aroma of nature
Alvin Muckley
Like a bluebird that sings in the spring time to signal the winter has past,
Like a lily that sprouts in the valley and colors the world with hope,
Like a seagull that glides through the sky and flies over the sea,
Like a beacon shining in the night you are a promise to me.
Fame, it comes then it goes, so do fads, looks, and fancy clothes
You can have the world at your feet then feel so alone,
Try the high life, and the jet set,
You’ll find happiness begins at home.
How Goes it?
Mario Rios Pinot
Well, and how goes the present?
Well, fine….not too good.
Really, and why is that? Doesn’t the sun still shine?
(I hope he doesn’t ask for money).
Yes, but I feel burnt out, the light is sad and shows
Wars that seem never to end, whose virtue is
I see, but don’t you love your country?
Oh yes, very much so, the working people,
Mountains & valleys, that’s why I have to
Keep an eye on it. (I wonder if they love me).
Nothing hermetical here, nor paradoxical,
….you’re rather plain in your
Thank you, (I’ll take it as a compliment), I
Can not speak of swans and castles.
Aren’t you afraid they’ll come after you?
If I don’t have free speech, nor a job, nor
Enough money to live, nor housing, what do I have?
Take friendly advice from friend….be careful.
Why? What do I have to lose, that I have not lost
Already? But, thank you and have a good day.
Maybe I should call for a reward.
Robin Taylor

for now . .
until we
meet again,
my almost
newest friend.

for now  . . .
no tears
shall streak
my face
so, let us pour all
into this
last embrace
for now . . .
what was
is now made.
i don’t
regret the
words or
for now …
till time
till growth
has conquered
this private
for now ….
remember me
on the wind.
remember that
I loved you …
my almost

the dance of the trees

charles tenaglia
 …. In the quiet of night
     the trees sway                  to and fro,
                                                  almost falling
dreaming of winds
                       singing through their branches
and the love-making of the snow
flakes settling softly
on their bare limbs….

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