Returning to Balance: A Wellness Workshop

Posted on March 2, 2012
Yoga class as part of the Returning to Balance program. Yoga class as part of the Returning to Balance program.Since November, the Wellness Unit has been hosting a weekly workshop called Returning to Balance from 5 pm – 6 pm on Thursdays.  It’s a combination of yoga and massage taught by a trio of teachers who alternate weeks – Ruth teaches self-massage, Shoko offers chair massages once a month, and Elizabeth teaches yoga and self-massage.

For me, this class is a good review. Many years ago, I learned acupressure and helpful basic trigger points from my brother, who is a health practitioner. (Recently, a friend had a cold, and I showed her the pressure points in her nose. She said it helped!) I studied self-massage with Ruth before, and every day I use it to ease chronic pain in my knee and in other places. These past weeks I’ve learned many new pressure points from the reflexology chart she gave to us, and I refer to it for help outside the workshop.

Elizabeth stresses how important it is for us to be aware of our bodies, “Your body is your own encyclopedia, so where you feel soreness you know what to work on.

This coming week is a yoga class. Yoga teaches deep breathing and ways to relax. I hope when this course is over, we will continue the yoga class in the Wellness Unit, because relaxation is so essential to us all.   

Walking in the wind this early morning, I was happy to feel that my breathing had grown deeper. Practicing what you learn is important.

Alice Chernick
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