Remembering Kevin Bradley, Executive Director at Genesis Club

Posted on September 18, 2017

To the Fountain House Community:

I am writing today to share news of the shocking and untimely death of my dear colleague, Kevin Bradley. Kevin was the Founding Director of Genesis Club in Worcester Massachusetts and one of the great leaders of our movement. He was a soft spoken man who led from the back of the room. He was the person who introduced and perfected the decision making meeting, which is part of most clubhouses in the world. We first met when we were both in our twenties and he was the Director of a small clubhouse in the Berkshires. Little did we know then that was the beginning of our lifelong careers.  Later, a remarkable group of families came together in Worcester, Massachusetts and wanted to start a Fountain House program of their own. Rudyard Probst, a mentor to Kevin and I, recommended Kevin for the Directorship. The rest is history. Kevin along with all the members, staff and Board created one of the great clubhouse programs in the world. The decision making meeting at Genesis, which Kevin introduced, was the most remarkable and empowering process I had ever personally witnessed. Kevin epitomized the expression “Walk the Walk” every day that he entered Genesis. He deserves to be recognized as one of the great practitioners and thinkers in community mental health.

My final memory has to do with running. Kevin was an avid runner and ran his last 10 K three weeks ago at Falmouth. My memory goes back to 1993 when a member of Fountain House, Bob Schueler, came to me with an unbelievable idea. The International Seminar was to be held in Worcester and Bob, who was a marathoner, proposed to run from Fountain House to Genesis Club. Yes, from New York City to Worcester, Massachusetts. He would run twenty miles a day and stop at clubhouses along the way. Well, he did it and, for the last few miles, Kevin and I joined him into Worcester. Kevin and Bob were pioneers in introducing Wellness activities to clubhouses around the world.

Kevin was part of the original team that included Reva Stein, Joel Corcoran and many others who helped create and sustain the extensive clubhouse network that currently exists in Massachusetts. I am sure that there are another 100 innovations and moments that reflect the soul of this remarkable man.  I wish I could give the proper expression and recognition he deserves. One of the great ‘Keepers of the Flame’ has left the world this week.



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