Parents and Kids at High Point Farm

Posted on March 28, 2013

Parents and kids took over the chalet at High Point Farm! Parents and kids took over the chalet at High Point Farm!Last month, Fountain House members and staff brought their children for a weekend at High Point Farm. It was great fun! There were 19 people in total (we barely fit in the chalet!), eight of them children ranging from 6 months to 12 years.

Ecstatic screaming and laughter dominated as the background noise in the chalet while seven of the kids played games of "Zombie" and "Stuck in the Mud" for hours on end. Oblivious to the need for food or sleep, the kids were in heaven as they barreled through each room, banged on the piano, and basically created chaos. Parents attempted to have conversation, play Scrabble or watch a movie, with some success. The only compelling distraction for these blissful children was the announcement that it was time to feed the animals. Then it was time for the cats and chickens to scatter in all directions to avoid the games of tag and reenactment of WWE matches that took place throughout the farm.
Somehow we were all fed, slept well, and left a clean house, despite the kids ruling the house. In the end, all parents were satisfied as the kids said their tearful goodbyes and promised to come back for a spring reunion. Plans were made to schedule more Parents and Kids weekends in the coming year.
Nancy Young
Employment Unit Leader, Fountain House

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