One Week Training: The Workday

Posted on April 15, 2011

Reception Unit, Fountain House

In early March I was on the Training Team for a week-long session centered on the clubhouse workday. We were teaching a group of colleagues from Prime Time House in Connecticut and De Waterheuvel in Amsterdam.

We discussed the staff characteristics that would contribute to a good clubhouse, such as being empathetic and knowledgeable. Other characteristics include patience, motivation, nurturing, and accountability. Tolerance, honesty and reliability are several more key ingredients for a good staff member.

Good staff workers are also able to foster relationships and work together with members, side by side. The staff engages members in meaningful work that runs the clubhouse. In order to do this, staff has to be supportive, committed, and ready to listen. In this way they can facilitate consensus and provide honest feedback. As they implement new initiatives and activities, they break the associated work into manageable units, which becomes the voluntary work of the clubhouse.

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