Once a Member, Always a Member

Posted on December 17, 2019

I first joined Fountain House in 1982 after experiencing homelessness and incarceration. I’ve been to a lot of other programs where they only work with you for a year or eighteen months. Then you’re back on the street, having to start all over again.

At Fountain House we have a saying: “Once a member, always a member.” When I’m paranoid, my response is to run away. But every time that I ran away, I knew to call Fountain House. I always knew that I would be welcomed back.

I’ve been a part of every area of support at Fountain House: health and wellness, farm and garden, employment, and education.

As I age, I have new challenges, but with Fountain House’s support, I learn and I adapt. The programs here are set up for members just like me — and they’ve helped me come a long way.

Now, I’m looking forward to reading, seeing art exhibits, watching the Mets with my Silver Center friends, and enjoying simple pleasures like other retirees.

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