Mind's Eye Film Festival Plays to Packed House

Posted on February 25, 2011

Festival posterFestival posterEight filmmakers screened 12 original short films at Fountain House’s 3rd Annual Mind’s Eye Film Festival on January 29th. The Audio/Visual team set up three screening rooms; documentaries about Fountain House were shown in the Living Room, and Fountain House members’ original films played to standing-room-only crowds in the Library and in the Education Unit. The films ranged in topics from spoofs of horror movies set at High Point Farm to a sci-fi thriller to a serious look at psychotic mania. 

The Mind’s Eye Festival has grown each year. The number and quality of original submissions has continually increased, and filmmakers and audiences are uniform in their praise. Filmmaker Thomas commented, “The festival is an opportunity for me to express my creativity and push the envelope to be better than last year.”
                                                                                                                                          Cyrus as the Tin Man, Alan as the Lion, and Thomas as the Scarecrow in Cyrus as the Tin Man, Alan as the Lion, and Thomas as the Scarecrow in "The Wizard of Fountain House"     
The highlight for many was the 25-minute musical The Wizard of Fountain House. A send-up of the beloved classic, the film traces the journey of four familiar (if slightly skewed) characters pursuing their dreams - housing, an education, courage to pursue employment, or friends – while battling the Wicked Witch of Stigma. The film’s production spanned over four months; it is A/V’s first musical, and it featured full makeup and costumes. 
Wizard Director Rich remarked, “The most memorable thing to me was the audience reaction – it was as good as any hit film in the movie theatre, and it made me feel great. It was nice to see everyone united in laughter.”
Each filmmaker received a framed festival poster and a certificate at an awards ceremony held after the screenings. The filmmakers then answered audience questions about the making of their films as part of the panel discussion.
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