Memories of Jerry Dincin

Posted on April 2, 2013

Jerry Dincin (1930 - 2013) worked at Fountain House from 1958 to 1964. He was the first person charged with replicating the Fountain House model, developing two programs in New Jersey before moving to Chicago to become the Executive Director of Thresholds. The Fountain House communitiy offers sincere condolences to Mr. Dincin's family and friends.

Jerry Dincin Jerry DincinThe year I came to Fountain House, 1964, turned out to be Jerry's last year before taking the position of Executive Director of Thresholds, a new Clubhouse/Psychosocial Rehabilitation/Psychiatric Rehabilitation program in Chicago. During that year I didn't get to spend much time with Jerry, because he was out developing Friendship House and Prospect House, two new programs in New Jersey. (It seems that in this period the replication of the Fountain House model would be carried out, in a hands-on manner, by trained Fountain House staff.) Jerry was highly regarded by all and could or should have been the assistant director of Fountain House.

After Jerry moved to Chicago and sometime after I was appointed Program Director at Fountain House, then-Executive Director John Beard asked me to join him on a two-day trip to attend a conference in Chicago. The first evening after we arrived, we met Jerry for dinner. John and Jerry talked about many things, but I clearly remember their conversation about starting a professional organization made up of Psychosocial Rehabilitation programs. Jerry was very excited about the prospect of such an organization.

On the plane ride home, John appointed me as the Fountain House representative to help develop any formal professional organization. I should explain that from approximately 1972 to 1980 a group of programs identifying themselves as psychosocial rehabilitation programs were meeting annually to share theory, research and program innovations. The participants at these early meetings were made up of a small group of programs: Fountain House in New York, Thresholds in Chicago, Horizon House in Philadelphia, Hill House in Cleveland, Friendship House and Prospect House in New Jersey, Forward House in Montreal, and a few others made up the core programs that met in the early days.

As time went by the number of programs sending staff to these annual meetings grew until, at the urging of Jerry and Irv Rutman, the Executive Director of Horizon House, a working group was formed to plan the creation of a formal professional organization: the International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services (IAPSRS).

Once it became clear that an organization would be formed, John provided support by allowing for my involvement and participation. As a representative of Fountain House and later as the Director of The Club (in New Jersey), I socialized and worked with Jerry and the other founding IAPSRS members to create and grow the organization. Jerry and I also co-chaired some of the more exciting symposia in which we debated the importance of program cohesion and program diversity. Also, to my chagrin, we competed for a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) training grant that he won for Thresholds. In all my dealings with him, I came to know him as a creative and passionate soldier and advocate for people with mental illness with a fierceness and dedication that is hard to duplicate.

Julius Lanoil
Consultant and former Program Director, Fountain House


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