Member Receives Volunteer Spirit Award from the All Stars Project

Posted on January 7, 2016

The All Stars Project is an organization that aims to use the developmental power of performance, such as theater, to transform and engage youth from underprivileged communities in New York.

Jeff Aron, Fountain House Director of External Affairs and Board member of the All Stars Project, introduced Efie to the organization.

All Stars Jeff and Efie

“Efie has a background in theater, and was immediately inspired by our environment and volunteer opportunities,” said All Stars Project Board Member Elyse Mendel. Over the past seven years, Efie has generously dedicated herself to the All Stars Project. She has performed as an Assistant House Manager, part of the summer Street Fair cast, and has taken many classes.

Every year the All Stars Project recognizes talented volunteers who make themselves indispensable by being reliable and ready to jump in where needed. In December 2014, Efie was given the Susan Santo Volunteer Spirit Award for setting examples for other volunteers and creating an environment where newer volunteers can learn how to make the All Stars Project their own. The award is named for Susan Santo, who was a dedicated, supportive member of the All Stars Project volunteer community.

“Efie has made the All Stars Project one of her homes, and relies on her All Stars friendships to grow and develop. Efie gives us her humor, love of the arts, and on-going development,” Mendel said.

Volunteer and Intern Coordinator Craig Bannister agrees with that sentiment. “Efie’s contribution to our work is invaluable, she’s definitely an All Star,” he said.


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