Member Chaitanya Shares Why She Loves the Farm

Posted on November 20, 2015 by Stephanie Moore

Chaitanya Stoute first found out about Fountain House from her brother, a member, who suggested that she join the house. As a member for six years, Chaitanya regularly helps out at the Fountain House Farm at High Point in Montague, New Jersey. She calls the farm “an escape from the city” and loves being able to move around on the spacious farm. Chaitanya says she always feels great and energetic when visiting the farm.

Some of her favorite tasks on the farm consist of taking care of the animals, keeping up with garden work, picking apples, and making apple cider (yum!). Duties also include watering vegetables and plants until harvest season. Then they will wash and weigh the vegetables until they are sent to Fountain House’s Culinary Unit to be eaten!

Chaitanya looks forward to seeing the sheep every time she goes to the farm. She jokes that although they seem hungry all of the time, they really are just greedy and will eat all day if you let them! The farm is home to many furry friends, including alpacas, llamas, sheep, chickens, turkeys, and cats. They all must be fed and given water every day. Chaitanya says there is nothing that she dislikes doing on the farm—not even cleaning the animal pens!

Chaitanya looks forward to working and volunteering in the future. As a self-described animal lover, Chaitanya hopes to volunteer at animal shelters to help animals in any way that she can.   


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