Member Billy Wallace & His “Life Changing Experience” at College Re-Entry

Posted on October 27, 2015

College Re-Entry has been a life changing experience for me. We are a close-knit group (including staff) made of great people. I am the only Fountain House member of the group and feel completely comfortable with everyone at College Re-Entry. We start almost every day with a morning meeting to plan the day. Following the meetings, we usually have academic related classes and workshops. These typically cover note-taking skills, schedule planning, resume building, motivational TED Talks, and many more.

College Re-Entry combines academics with group activities. These group activities are organized around wellness and include yoga, mindfulness workshops, cooking classes, karate, fitness, and weekly volunteering at Bideawee Animal Shelter in Manhattan (and other volunteer opportunities).

Furthermore, we just returned from our College Re-Entry group trip to High Point Farm, which was amazing! These activities not only help the students’ overall well-being, but allows them to bond and interact with each other.

College Re-Entry students at High Point Farm

Also, we meet with a mentor once a week as part of a mentor program. The last piece of the puzzle is each student’s weekly individual coaching sessions, which are focused on the student returning to school. A plan is created with steps to complete this goal and are checked off along the way.

I am also a member of Wellness program at Fountain House. I believe the combination of Fountain House, the Wellness program, and College Re-Entry has allowed me to go back to CUNY-Baruch for the fall semester. I will be returning back to the Zicklin School of Business at CUNY Baruch as an accounting major completing my undergraduate degree.

I would like to thank Fountain House, the Health & Wellness program, and Anna, Julie, Matt, and Jason at College Re-entry for their guidance and support. I am looking forward to my return to college in the fall and highly recommend anyone looking to return to school to inquire about College Re-Entry!

July 10, 2015

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