Love Blooms at Fountain House

Posted on February 11, 2016 by Ann Wilkinson

Everybody at Fountain House has seen Robert and Karen walking around together, holding hands, and whispering to each other.  They are a perfect example of two adults that met, fell in love, and truly enjoy each other. They always make the other members smile.  Both of them are a little shy, but also very friendly and sweet.

Robert first saw Karen in the Starbucks on 9th Avenue and 47th Street,  just a block away from Fountain House.  Karen was with two other members that Robert knew well, and he boldly stepped up to meet her. They struck up a conversation and Robert remembers that she had the most beautiful brown eyes. 

Karen was not yet a member at that time, and so Robert didn’t see her again for a while. When she did become a member, Karen was incredibly active at Fountain House and very friendly to all of the members. Robert first pursued a friendship with Karen, and about a year later, they went on their first date. They attended the Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center together.  When the tree lit up, Robert went in for the kiss. After four blissful years, Robert and Karen are now thinking of marriage.


Karen and Robert 

Karen affectionately says that Robert is smart, reliable, and a wonderful listener. Robert says that Karen is beautiful, smart, and down to earth. They don’t like the same music, and never agree on a comfortable temperature. But they both agree that the only time they argue is when they are in the car. Robert remembers that when he first met Karen, he thought that she had an amazing spirit, and still maintains that she has that beautiful spirit today.

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