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Posted on June 5, 2013

Clubhouse Europe, in concert with Fountain House New York, Fountain House Stockholm, and Ersta Skondal Hogskola announces the Second International Symposium on clubhouse research scheduled for August 8 and 9, 2013 in Stockholm Sweden. The Symposium continues the work of the initial gathering in June 2010 sponsored at Fountain House New York that resulted in the publication of an international journal on the practice of mutual aid in clubhouse communities (International Journal of Self Help and Self Care, Volume 7, Number 1 / 2013). The August Symposium will provide an opportunity for those involved in clubhouse-related research to meet and share the results of their inquirieswith clubhouse practitioners.

Presentations by international researchers on the course of their field studies will include the following:

  • Thomas Craig, MD (UK), TBA
  • Bjorn-Anders Larsson (Sweden), TBA
  • Magnus Karlsson, PhD (Sweden), "Developing the Clubhouse Model - Some Findings from the Past"
  • Rosario Larata, PhD (Japan/Italy), "An Examination of the Structures of Governance within Clubhouses in Japan, UK, and Italy."
  • Outi Hietala, PhD (Finland), "Fluid Orientations and Multiple Meanings - Three Complimentary Modes of Membership at Clubhouse"
  • Esko Hanninen, Chair of EPCD Research Committee, "Choice for Recovery"
  • Kimiko Tanaka, PhD (USA), "Clubhouse Culture and Psychiatric Recovery"
  • Yoshiko Boregren Matsui, PhD (Sweden), TBA
  • Frank Wang, PhD (Taiwan, Province of China), TBA

The Symposium intends to publish a compendium of presentations and a selected bibliography of related research.

The Symposium will be hosted by Ersta Skondal Hogskola with accomodations on their campus located outside Stockholm, Sweden. Participants (excluding presenters) will be charged a nominal fee to cover costs for meals and operational support. Accomodations are limited and participants are encouraged to register their interest in attending with Bjorn Asplund.


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