Important Information Regarding At-Risk Members

Posted on March 15, 2020

Dear Fountain House community,

Fountain House is monitoring the status of the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) outbreak so we can share vital information with our community and will continue to do so over the coming weeks and months.

Starting Monday, March 16th, we encourage our most at-risk members to refrain from coming to the clubhouse. We are asking at-risk members to opt-in to virtual and distance support options that we have created in response to COVID-19.

Who is Fountain House deeming the most at-risk?

You are considered at-risk if ANY of the following applies to you:

  • You are over the age of 60
  • You suffer from a chronic illness such as respiratory disease, heart disease, immune deficiency, HIV, and/or diabetes
  • You have a history of cancer and/or stroke
  • You are an active smoker

Individuals wishing to quit smoking can call the New York State Smokers Quitline at 866-NY-QUITS (866-697-8487)

Who do I notify if I will not be coming to the clubhouse?

Please tell your social practitioner, so that they are aware of your absence and can assist you properly. We need to collect updated contact information so we can reach you.

What supports will Fountain House be providing me during this time?

We are working towards establishing a virtual clubhouse to maintain connection and support—details of which that will begin rolling out next week.

During this time, please reach out to Fountain House at (212) 582-0340 during regular operating hours or the Fountain House Warm Line at (212) 956-0700 if you need additional support.

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