I Gained the Stability to Heal

Posted on December 17, 2019

In December 2011, I lost everything - my marriage, my possessions, my home. I rang in the new year in a psychiatric ward. I was a shell of myself. But in March 2012, I found Fountain House.

Slowly, I built my life up again. Fountain House gave me the strength and tools necessary to come back to myself - to work, to be social, and to heal.

I graduated from school during the 2008 recession. It was a traumatizing time that made me feel like work was beyond my reach. But years later, with the support of Fountain House, I landed a position working at Estee Lauder. That experience helped me become part of the team that created the brick and mortar social enterprise Fountain House + Body in 2019.

Working at Fountain House + Body taught me the importance of social enterprises. It is a safe environment for members to ask questions and learn on the job, all while interacting with the general public. I take great pride in having an opportunity that many can only dream of – building a business from the ground up!

Today, I’m working towards becoming a peer advocate to help others on their journey to recovery. I no longer feel traumatized by the idea of work, but rather acknowledge that with the right supports, work is therapeutic.

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