Giving Thanks and Thanks for Giving

Posted on November 23, 2011
I love the Fountain House community.
As I walk through our wonderful, green, open doors, I am always moved by how giving we are to one another. At Fountain House, we’re all asked to give everything we’ve got and even more. To be among people who want us in that way is an amazing experience, emotionally and socially. One way that I understand the meaning of busting stigma is to live in a world where everyone is encouraged to give and where all our gifts are welcomed.
In addition to the members and staff of Fountain House who make my life a daily joy, I would like to thank the employers, teachers, volunteers, families, donors and everyone who has made it possible for us to give to each other and to the world every day for 63 years.
Jeffrey Aron
Director of External Affairs, Fountain House

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