Fountain Rainbow: LGBT at FH

Posted on August 18, 2011

the rainbow flagthe rainbow flagDeborah Standard and Mike Brown
Culinary Unit, Fountain House

For the past year, Fountain Rainbow, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) group at Fountain House, has been very active. Weekly attendance has grown from 3 – 4 members, in October 2010, to its current average of 10 – 12 members, with a high of 14.

Each week, we meet and discuss LGBT/mental health issues that members of the group deal with on a regular basis. We also encourage members to bring in articles that they come across in the papers or online pertaining to LGBT issues. Before we begin the meeting we share a brief meal and chit-chat about whatever is going on in our lives and at Fountain House.

Not only is the group informative, it's also social. We went on an outing to the historic Stonewall Inn, and we attended an LGBT play at the LGBT Community Center that featured one of our members. We also went to the GLBT Expo at the Jacob Javitts Center this past spring, and we were invited to an LGBT Pride event at another clubhouse in Brooklyn. The group plans to attend a Broadway-type sing-a-long at Marie's Crisis in NYC.
Earlier this summer, the LGBT group sponsored a Pride Event here at Fountain House. It was a wonderful evening filled with song and dance, as well as several speakers and raffles. Much work and effort went into this event, and the group and its supporters really came together to make it a success!
Fountain Rainbow has also taken advantage of Fountain House's farm, High Point. This past spring we spent a weekend there, and we’re scheduled for another weekend towards the end of this summer and one in October. The group really enjoyed our first visit to the farm.
Fountain Rainbow has really grown over the past nine months, and we owe it all to the dedicated members and the support of the Fountain House community.
We meet every Tuesday from 5:15-6:30 pm. The first 3 Tuesdays of each month, we meet in the Culinary Unit, and on the last Tuesday, the meeting is in Horticulture. All LGBT Fountain House members and staff, as well as LGBT supporters are always welcome to attend.

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