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Posted on June 9, 2010
“We Are Not Alone,” the original name of the self-help group that evolved into Fountain House, says a great deal about those early members’ understanding of the importance of community in their recovery and well-being.  The concept of community is still central to our approach. However, most research methods are not well suited to the study of community and its impact. To deal with this gap, Fountain House will host a research symposium on June 21 and 22.

Entitled Community: Its Role in Psychiatric Recovery, the symposium will provide a forum to begin a dialogue among researchers, policy analysts and practitioners on community-based treatments in psychiatric recovery. A diverse array of researchers will speak on topics related to the structure of Fountain House, the nature of social environments and their positive implications for practice in mental health.   Speakers include

  • Professor Rosario Loratta, PhD, of the University of Tokyo on Comparative Study of Clubhouses in Japan, UK and Italy
  • Professor Kimiko Tanaka, PhD, with an ethnographic insight into the clubhouse work-ordered day and recovery
  • Professor Magnus Karlsson, PhD, Research Director of the Ersta Sköndal University College of Stockholm Sweden on the role of nonprofits in the Swedish welfare society
  • Lois Silverman, PhD, on the relationship of clubhouses and museums
  • Professors Esther Onega, PhD, (Michigan State University) and Francesca Pernice-Duca, PhD, (Wayne State University) on the interaction between social network support and the recovery process in serious mental illness
  • Professor Frank T.Y. Wang, PhD, from the National Yang Ming University, Taiwan, Province of China, on  using narratives as a bridge between the clubhouse and Chinese world
  • Dr. Thomas Craig , a practicing psychiatrist, on designing a study of a partnership between a mental hospital and Mosaic Clubhouse in London England
  • Professor John Billings, PhD, (New York University) on predictive modeling for high risk Medicaid patient
  • Dana March, PhD, on social processes and schizophrenia

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