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Posted on November 22, 2010

This past summer, Fountain House assembled more than thirty researchers from six countries for a two-day symposium entitled Community: Its Role in Psychiatric Recovery. The symposium was designed to address what we feel is a limitation of current psychological research methods — the almost single-minded focus on the individual. Participants were energized by the symposium’s challenge: to examine how methodologies that exist in other fields (such as public health and anthropology) might be used to understand the role social ecology plays in a person’s mental health recovery.

Presenters shared their current work and began an important dialogue about the best way to study community and its impact on people’s lives. The symposium laid the groundwork for a new and exciting body of research. A published volume of conference proceedings is in development, and a working group that emerged has made significant progress towards securing a special issue of an international journal. Below are excerpts from the opening remarks and from selected presentations.

Thomas Geniesse
Former Research Committee Chair, Fountain House, USA
Opening Remarks
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Kenneth Dudek
President, Fountain House, USA
Our Purpose
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Frank T. Y. Wang, PhD
National Yang Ming University, Taiwan, Province of China
"When Clubhouse Meets Chinese Culture: Using Narrative as a Bridge of Two Worlds"
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Kimiko Tanaka, PhD
Fountain House, USA
Resilience among People with Major Mental Illness: Clubhouse Work-Ordered Day Culture and Recovery
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Magnus Karlsson, PhD
Ersta Skondal University College, Sweden
The Role of Nonprofits in the Swedish Welfare Society
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