Fountain House Holiday Outreach Cards 2019

Posted on November 12, 2019

Loneliness around the holidays is difficult for anyone— and for people experiencing a mental health crisis, this time can be especially challenging. This year, Fountain House is partnering with ForLikeMinds to deliver messages of hope to people that will be spending the holidays in psychiatric facilities.

Away from friends, family and home, those recovering from a crisis may spend the holiday season uncomfortable and alone. A message from you will make this time hopeful rather than lonesome. By taking a moment to write to someone recovering from a crisis, you’re showing them that you care, and instilling them with hope on their journey to recovery.

Please note: No personal information collected (name, email) will be shared with patients. Fountain House Members will be writing messages received via this form into beautiful cards donated by Isa Salazar and Quotable via ForLikeMinds.


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