Directors' Training: The View from Down Under

Posted on March 20, 2013

Luke and Nick pose in front of Fountain House's iconic green doors. Luke and Nick pose in front of Fountain House's iconic green doors.My name is Luke Terry and I am the Executive Director of Toowoomba Clubhouse in Australia.

I’ve just completed comprehensive clubhouse model training at Fountain House. This training was once again another true example of Fountain House’s innovation and commitment to developing strong clubhouses across the globe.

In this magical training we covered the basic principles of a working community, including the Fountain House history, member choice, the need to be needed, and creating a collaborative work environment.

The core group included six directors from Italy, Sweden, the United States, and of course, Australia. With the core group being made up of directors, it helped us define our ultimate role in the clubhouse community and explore together the true meaning of what started on West 47th Street New York more than sixty years ago.

If I were to summarize what makes me so excited about my last two weeks here at Fountain House, it would be not about a model that is 65 years old, but more a way of helping people with mental illness that has recovery, innovation, and strategic direction at the heart of all that it does. For directors like me, these three principles that are practiced every day at Fountain House are paramount to its success. We as directors need to accurately illustrate them in own communities across the world.

I attended with one of our members, Nick, who helped me to keep fresh in my mind the true member needs of the Toowoomba Clubhouse and to reflect on our daily discussions and what they really mean for our community in Toowoomba.

Luke Terry
Executive Director, Toowoomba Clubhouse


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