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Posted on March 25, 2011

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Clerical Unit, Fountain House

The Fountain Pen, a literary magazine showcasing the talents of Fountain House members skilled in the art and craft of eloquent written expression, will debut this month. Our lives are diverse, and so are the subjects and treatments of the small and large issues that weigh us down, bark like dogs under tired eyelids at 4 AM and, yes, inspire us! The writers appearing in the journal tackle it all, sometimes with beauty, and at other times with the bluntness of a pointed blade that sticks the ribs of a subject too difficult for anything but art.
Any member who writes can submit their work to The Fountain Pen, which is headquartered in the Clerical Unit and edited by a team of staff and members. The journal is the result of a cooperative effort. Contributors range from published authors to novice writers – all seeking a forum for expression.
Read on for a sneak preview…
Dusty Poet
James L. Boshell

Five o’clock picture, looking possessed
Just woke up.
Mind playing tricks on me.
Frost of dust on you.
Ageless haunting stare.
Telling me something.
Woman poet, long ago.
While the door cracks footsteps move.
October, trees like waves.
Determined to ride your horse in the English countryside.
From a morning imagination.

Before the Performance
Renee Bray

Bootsie embraces her heart,
Because that’s where it starts,
Her nose twitches a little less,
For now she knows what is best,
She laughs a little as she realizes who she is,
Then she slurs her words a little,
As she tries to produce the words that will
Carry her thru the rainstorm and bring her home.
Cover art by Robert Kaplan.


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