Behind the Wheel at High Point Farm

Posted on August 31, 2011

Dilo driving Mr. DudekDilo driving Mr. DudekThe Education Unit organized a trip to High Point Farm from July 25th to July 27th, where we spent three days learning how to drive, in addition to the normal farm work. The goal of the trip was to give members an opportunity to practice driving, using a small, easy-to-handle vehicle in a safe, calm environment outside of New York City. The group consisted of members with diverse driving experience. Some participants had driver licenses but hadn't driven in years, while others had their driver permits but had never been behind the wheel. It was a fun and exciting trip, and here are some responses from those who participated:  

"I signed up for Drivers Education at High Point Farm. High Point Farm is about 1.5 hours away from New York City. It's an awesome place to be - there are chickens, roosters, alpacas, llamas, cats, and insects. There are also gardens and a lake. Drivers Education was conducted by Kenn Dudek, the Director of Fountain House. It was my first time behind the wheel. At first, it was sort of awkward, but Kenn helped me feel more relaxed, and I started to get the hang of it. Kenn is a great driving instructor. I felt comfortable with his advice.

Steve and Abigail live at High Point Farm; they run and operate the farm. They are great to work with. It was my second time up here; it's one of the best places to be.Another great part is that you get to make friends and bond with peers, and you get to learn something new about members and/or staff while being at High Point." - Michael

"Life on the farm, well, this was surprising - the trip title was Drivers Education but was two regular work-ordered days with individual driving throughout the day. The weather on Monday was great; lots of rain, no thunder or lightning. Tuesday was a bright and sunny day."  - Dilo


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