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Fountain House's vision is for people with mental illness everywhere to achieve their potential and be respected as workers, neighbors and friends.

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The Fountain House Executive Leadership Program provides resources and training to clubhouses around the world. Participants travel to Fountain House for approximately a month’s time to partake in the training that focuses on nonprofit management techniques within standards-based practice. We sat down with Executive Leadership Fellows, Helene Molvig from Fontenehuset Rygge in Norway, and Guido Valentini from Progetto Itaca in Italy, to discuss the ins and outs of their respective clubhouses.
"I joined Fountain House in July of 2015. Fountain House is a mental health recovery program utilizing work and socialization to rebuild its members’ sense of confidence and purpose. The Fountain House Colleague Training Program changed my life."
“Fountain House is like a support system, where if I don’t come for a week, I kind of feel depressed. It’s like a charging station for me.”
We have this idea of suicide we are taught from novels and movies. That it is a drawn out, emotional battle for years. That is simply not always the truth. Suicide is often impulsive. There are often little to no warning signs.
@FountainHouse47: "Kandel’s chief aim is to explore 'how the processes of the brain that give rise to our mind can become disordered,… https://t.co/p5qRQs7DzN
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