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After visiting Fountain House Farm once a month for the past nine years, Chaitanya refers to herself as a “veteran”. She is frequently called upon to lead groups of members experiencing the farm for the first time. “Staff rely on veterans like me to go up and show people the ropes … and make sure things are done right.”
I had written in my book of my belief that my brother could have been helped by “programs that would enable him, and others with schizophrenia, to participate in society rather than be pushed to its fringes.” And now, suddenly, I was standing in just such a place.
My mental illness was and is a small part of me, but when I was highly symptomatic I let it define me. I found others that felt like me, and together we began to realize that we were so much more than our mental illness.
Before I became a member of Fountain House Bronx, I did not have anyone to talk about mental illness with. If you told me a year ago that I not only would have an incredible community of support and people to share my experiences with, but that I would also be meeting elected officials and advocating for others with the same mental health struggles, I’d call you crazy!
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