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The profound respect and gratitude Tashawna feels for Dr. Aquila, her doctor at Fountain House’s Sidney R. Baer Jr. Center for three years, are well merited. Since becoming his patient, she ended a fifteen-year cycle of hospitalizations that began when she was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a teenager.
Imagine if every town and every city in the world had a Fountain House, we will gradually be able to reduce the levels of stigma, see people with lived experience valued as community members, enhance recovery and overall health and wellbeing.
As a mental health professional and a teacher in South Korea, longing to see successful deinstitutionalization in our country, I will share this visit with my students, colleagues, and policy makers, so that we, as a country, can reassess our priorities and resources in mental health system in order to make meaningful progress toward deinstitutionalization, which would better serve people with mental illness in the end.
I have chosen this moment to retire because Fountain House is in a good place – with a fantastic set of members and staff. As the organization looks to the future and contemplates an array of new initiatives and opportunities, it is the right time for me to step down and allow a new person to lead the next phase.
@FountainHouse47: Tashawna’s nickname for Medical Director Ralph Aquila, who she sees not just as her ,… https://t.co/VjQlEJMDN3
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