Fountain House's vision is for people with mental illness everywhere to achieve their potential and be respected as workers, neighbors and friends.

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We have assembled a list of policy recommendations to support our collective mental health that are politically feasible, strategically sound, and morally imperative.
Fountain House frontline staff are true essential workers. They are owed an enormous debt of gratitude in the best of times, but particularly at the current time. Our values as an organization are centered around our thriving members and staff – along with their relentless self-determination. Therefore, we are in support of our staff in this effort, which aligns with those values.
The winning slogan for our current presidential election could well be “it’s mental health, stupid.” Why? Because the mental health impacts of COVID-19 are likely to outlast the virus itself and to be a defining theme of the next four years and more.
Fountain House presents The ROAR Journal: Empowering Voices for Social Practice and Innovation - an international publication created in partnership with the worldwide, clubhouse community to further define, discuss and innovate the field of Social Practice.

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