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“Individuals with complex psychiatric and physical health challenges deserve access to the high quality care that is provided here and has been on the leading edge of innovation. Over time we expect that the higher quality care that you provide will help save the system. - Dr. Nirav Shah, Former New York State Commissioner of Health

In addition to managing the primary symptoms of their illness, people living with serious mental illness must also grapple with higher susceptibility to chronic physical disease. Studies estimate that people with serious mental illness have a life expectancy that is 25 years less than the general population.

The Sidney R. Baer Jr. Center is the first integrated health home model in the U.S. for people living with mental illness. It is a collaborative partnership with Brightpoint Health. The Center that unifies medical and psychiatric healthcare and social support. Members have the support of psychiatrists, primary care doctors and a team of workers, friends and relatives committed to their overall health and wellbeing.  

The Peter B. Lewis and Adam Lewis Wellness Center creates a health-conscious culture at Fountain House. Through fitness, nutrition and health education, members gain energy and motivation, lose weight and improve their overall wellness and quality of life. The center’s key objectives are to increase physical activity and introduce stress reduction techniques through yoga and meditation classes. Members learn how to incorporate healthy food into their diets as well as how to improve their overall wellness.

Members can also use a new smart phone app, e-Sobriety, developed by Fountain House to help members who have substance abuse issues. Through the SAMHSA-funded e-Sobriety program, members are given a cell phone with the app built-in so that they can access their treatment plan day or night. The app also connects members to their health care providers when they need additional support.

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