Joshua Wolf Shenk Tackles Questions of Suffering and Greatness

"I am now the most miserable man living. If what I felt were distributed to the whole human family there would not be one happy face on the earth. I must die or be better it appears to me. I awfully forbode I shall not.”

--Abraham Lincoln

The Importance of Place

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From the forthcoming book Fountain House: Creating Community in Mental Health Practice by Alan Doyle, Julius Lanoil, and Kenneth Dudek. Columbia University Press, November 2013. 

Give the Gift of Community

438 book-full-size.jpgWe are excited to announce the release of our new book Fountain House: Creating Community in Mental Health Practice

Mental Health Solutions Need Coverage,Too

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On Sunday, September 29, 60 Minutes aired a segment entitled “Untreated Mental Illness an Imminent Danger?” reported by Steve Kroft. The connection between mental illness and violence is a complex and fraught issue, not easily covered in 13 ½ minutes of primetime television, but the story did aptly describe failures in the mental health system.

MAD ABOUT ART: A Black and White Affair

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Please join us for an art auction benefiting Fountain Gallery, New York City’s premier venue representing artists living with mental illness.

Open Bar | Light Dinner | Live Music

Spreading - and Speeding - Innovation

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Diffusion is essentially a social process through which people talking to people spread an innovation.

--Everett Rogers

As an intervention in mental health practice, the idea of Fountain House represents all the right values. It is

A Chat with Jason Bowman

434 Jason Bowman, Christine Burgin, Agnes Gund, and William WegmanHow did you hear about Fountain House and how long have you worked here?

On Art Classes, Support, and Success

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440 Student and artist Betty Spindelman poses with her artwork.To make art requires material, expertise, patience and a place to work. None of the ingredients are inexpensive.

2014 Hilton Humanitarian Prize Winner

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