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For your summer reading pleasure, we bring you selections from The Fountain Pen, Fountain House's quarterly literary magazine. Enjoy!

Embers Chilled by Eugene B.

There's just a hint of summer to you
Rose petals, white and ripe cerise
So open and inviting, I think
So like a summer smile, saying,
"Stay a while, we'll eat, we'll drink
And dance until we freeze."

Karen and Justin: A Family Story

Justin and Karen in the Horticulture Unit at Fountain HouseJustin and Karen in the Horticulture Unit at Fountain House

Mental Health Reform Should Help Families Too

Kenn Dudek, Fountain House presidentKenn Dudek, Fountain House president

Mental health reform has been in the air since the tragic 2012 mass shooting in Newtown, CT. In that time, the nation has witnessed 74 more school shootings. Justified or not, these crimes continue to fuel public discourse about our present mental health system. Many of these instances, including last month’s mass killing in Isla Vista, CA, highlight one glaring inadequacy: how difficult it is for families to get help for their loved ones experiencing a mental health crisis.

FH Scholarships: More than the Money

George Handran and Andrea Roy serving on the scholarship committeeGeorge Handran and Andrea Roy serving on the scholarship committee

One of my favorite parts of working at Fountain House is serving on the academic scholarship committee. Three times a years, for two days at a time, I am privileged to hear first-hand accounts of the amazing things that members accomplish when their intelligence and tenacity are combined with the proper support.


2014 Hilton Humanitarian Prize Winner

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