End of Annual Meeting Season Celebration



A chance to network and celebrate with colleagues - featuring food, drinks, live music, and over 100 original works by Fountain Gallery artists

This year we are honoring Ken Bertsch Partner, CamberView Partners
Former President of the Society of Corporate Secretaries
and Governance Professionals

Event Co-Chairs: Maryellen Andersen and Jeremy Goldstein

Founding Chairs: Carl T. Hagberg, Cal Donly and Ellen Philip

FH Partners with Lady Gaga and Born This Way Foundation

487 Ash and Joe show their Fountain House pride at the first of Lady Gaga's Roseland Ballroom shows.

Lace Up and Join Us for the "1 in 4" 5K!

483 Fountain House "1 in 4" 5K race logo

A Diagnosis and a Slip of Paper

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479 Eugene Boria

The Silver Program: Ensuring Lifetime Membership

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481 Libby W., one of our Silver members

Rallying for Better Crisis Intervention

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474 Fred Levine, with Senator Kevin Parker (left), addresses the crowd advocating for Crisis Intervention Teams.

Member Profile: Margo's Story

466 Margo reconciling expenses at The Phoenix Collective

Fountain House to Launch Veterans' Program

Fountain House is pleased to announce that it has formed a new partnership - with Charlotte Bridge Home, a community-based organization, which helps veterans in Charlotte, NC transition home after military service; JRC Advisors, LLC, a consulting firm founded and led by John Campbell, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Office of Warrior Care Policy; and Threshold GlobalWorks, LLC, which designs and implements social impact initiatives - to de

Fountain House Symposium and Luncheon



Please join us for the 11th Annual Fountain House Symposium and Luncheon
The Challenges of Dual-Diagnosis: Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

This year we are honoring Dr. Mitchell S. Rosenthal, Founder of Phoenix House


Monday, May 5th
11:15 AM - Registration
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM


The Pierre
2 East 61st Street
New York City

2014 Hilton Humanitarian Prize Winner

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