Wings features images of feathered creatures and other winged entities, from bird and insect to angel and airplane. The exhibition showcases 25 works by 25 artists, in mediums including oil and acrylic painting, mixed media, and digital photography. 

Into Central Park

“As I sifted through Leonard Aschenbrand’s encyclopedic trove of images shot in Central Park, I began to see the Park through his eyes,” said Fountain Gallery manager Ariel Willmott, who organized the exhibition. “Len’s collection offers a getaway from hectic city life into moments of wonderment at the plants, wildlife, and grandeur of this place.”


TEXTING, curated by Suzanne Murphy, features more than 30 works, including: Brenda Collie’s “Shades of Thought” (oil and paper on canvas); Ann Fischman’s “The Sick Rose” (mixed media on wood); Anthony Newton’s “Through My Own Eyes” (mixed media on matte board); and Keith Pavia’s “Curves” (oil on canvas panel and wood). Also on view in the exhibition are works by Davida Adedjouma, Susan Baus, Lorrie Berman, Azure Bourne, Laurel Burns, Carleton Cordier, Kate Davis, Jonathan Glass, and Alyson Vega. 


“Outsider?, timed to run concurrently with the 2014 Outsider Art Fair, aims to continue the dialogue addressing the question of what is ‘outsider art’ today, when all creative processes and mental illnesses are being redefined,” said Stoffel, an art historian and museum specialist. “Can and how does mental illness define the creative process? If we know beforehand that this is work by people with mental illness, does that change our perception of it?”


Awards + Recognition

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