NYC Mural Arts Project

We're creating a mural in Hell's Kitchen and want to hear from you!

Fountain House Gallery has partnered with NYC Mural Arts Project to foster community building and help destigmatize mental illness through a collaborative mural making process. Come out and meet our lead muralist and work together with our other collaborating artists. Discuss the mural theme, its design, and how to make the mural reflect your community.

Guest Blog: Aurora Lopez

Aurora LopezI turned 30 two weeks ago and have been officially living with bipolar disorder since September of 2013. I wholeheartedly believe in being open about my mental illness because I have nothing to be ashamed of and I want anyone going through something similar to know that they are not alone.

Angela Rogers

Angela Rogers is a self-taught artist, singer, poet and performer. The style of her figurative paintings is strongly influenced by her “Southern Gothic” childhood and her lifelong interest in the occult. (She has been a professional tarot reader for more than 25 years.) Angela incorporates a range of mystical symbolism in her work, which includes assemblages – dubbed “poppets” – intricately wrapped in multi-hued yarn. References to addiction and institutionalization often appear in her pieces, as does the influence of a near-death experience after surgery for brain trauma in 2012.

The Written Word

Posted on January 18, 2017


On an unseasonably balmy January evening, a large and enthusiastic crowd joined us at the Fountain House Gallery opening reception for “The Written Word.” Energy was high as guests feasted their eyes on the more than 50 original artworks in the exhibition, which spotlights art pieces inspired by classic and popular literary works.

Awards + Recognition

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