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New book examines community in mental health practice

Mad About Art



Please join us for an art auction benefiting Fountain Gallery, New York City’s premier venue representing artists living with mental illness.

Open Bar | Light Dinner | Art Auction

Fight Stigma by Signing our Letter to the New York Times

Help us show the Times that their readers support more respectful language when reporting on mental illness.

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Remembering Robin: Beauty and Nightmares

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My favorite Robin Williams movie is The Fisher King.  In it, he plays Parry, a homeless man shattered by tragedy, living in his own world. One especially beautiful scene depicts Parry crossing through Grand Central Terminal following a woman he has a crush on, when suddenly all the commuters rushing by become couples waltzing around the majestic grand concourse. It’s a stunning image, and I always think of it when I walk through the terminal. 

The Game Changer Event that Changes Everything

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The Significance of the Hilton Humanitarian Prize

524 Steven Hilton announces Fountain House/Clubhouse International as the recipient of the Hilton Humanitarian Prize.When I first found out that Fountain House, along with Clubhouse International, was going to be receiving the $1.5 million Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize, I was momentarily stunned to hear the good news. It’s not that I thought we didn’t deserve it.

2014 Hilton Humanitarian Prize Winner

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