World Health Day at the United Nations

Fountain House was asked by the World Health Organization (WHO) to make a statement from the floor at this year’s World Health Day event at the United Nations headquarters in New York City on April 7, 2017. The theme of World Health Day in 2017 was Depression: Let’s Talk.

Member Spotlight: Ryan

A huge smile draws across Ryan Nevins' face when he reflects on his time at Fountain House. “I love it here. When I walk through the doors of Fountain House I feel I am supported, accepted and loved. It is family to me and one of the major factors for the progress I have made in my life.”

How to Know If You Should Take A Medical Leave from College

College can be exhilarating, but it can also be a vulnerable time for students with mental health challenges. Most college students I work with who are diagnosed with major depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar or schizophrenia, first experienced symptoms in their late teens or early 20s, while they were in college. Since this often coincides with the first time many college students are living on their own without a proper support system, it is all too easy for these students to quickly lose their ability to maintain “normal” or appropriate psychological defenses.  

NYC Mural Arts Project

We're creating a mural in Hell's Kitchen and want to hear from you!

Fountain House Gallery has partnered with NYC Mural Arts Project to foster community building and help destigmatize mental illness through a collaborative mural making process. Come out and meet our lead muralist and work together with our other collaborating artists. Discuss the mural theme, its design, and how to make the mural reflect your community.

Guest Blog: Aurora Lopez

Aurora LopezI turned 30 two weeks ago and have been officially living with bipolar disorder since September of 2013. I wholeheartedly believe in being open about my mental illness because I have nothing to be ashamed of and I want anyone going through something similar to know that they are not alone.


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