2016 Training Schedule


Fellowship (Group 2 Phase I)

January 28th – February 12th

Fellowship (Group 1 Phase II)                              

February 22nd – 26th

Leadership Europe #1 (1 week)                           

March 21st – 25th (Amsterdam)

Foundations II Group #264 (2 week)                                                                                                                  

April 4th – 15th

Work Ordered Day #3 (1 week)                                                                                                                           

Spring Dates TBD (Michigan)

Foundations I Group #265 (3 week)                          

May 2nd – 20th

Young Adults Training (4 days)                                   

May 23rd-26th (Goteborg)    

Fellowship (Group 2 Phase II)                                     

June 13th – 17th

Fellowship (Group 3 Phase I)                               

September 15th – 30th

Foundations II Group # 266 (2 week)                  

September 19th – 30th

Leadership USA # 2 (Group 1&2 Phase III)        

October 17th – 20th (Genesis)

Work Ordered Day #4 (1 week)                            

October 24th – 28th

Young Adults Training (4 days)                           

November 1st – 4th (Genesis)

Foundations I Group #267 (3 week)                    

November 28th – December 16th



Foundations I - 3 Week Training (New Clubhouses/Directors)

$6,500 (Director, staff, member and 3rd week Board member; includes post site visit)

Foundations II - 2 Week Training (Established Clubhouses)

$4,000 (Staff and member; does not include post site visit)

Work-Ordered Day, Leadership, and Young Adults 
(1 week)

$2000 (Staff and member; pricing may be adjusted in Europe)


Tuition includes training and lodging for the team at the Ellabee Guest House.

For more information on tuition and/or lodging please email or call 212-582-0340 and ask to speak with someone in Colleague Training.  For any information regarding the Fellowship program, please contact Jennifer Rivera at


Awards + Recognition

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