Research Articles

Weill Cornell Medical College, Healthcare Policy and Research

Fountain House and Use of Healthcare Resources (pdf)

By Zachary Grinspan, MD MS Department of Healthcare Policy and Research Weill Cornell Medical College

Psychiatric Services

A Comparison of Competitve Employment Outcomes for the Clubhouse and PACT Models (pdf)

By  Andrew D. Schonebaum, M.A., L.M.S.W. Jeremy K. Boyd, Ph.D. Kenneth J. Dudek, M.S.W.

Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Mental Health

Clubhouse Community Support for Life: Staff–Member Relationships and Recovery (pdf)

By Kimiko Tanaka, Tom Craig & Larry Davidson

Social Work in Mental Health

Making Connections: Severe Mental Illness and Closeness with Other People (pdf) 

By Jonathan D. Prince PhD, Jacqueline Ansbrow MSW, Anne Bennedict MSW, Joanna DiCostanzo MPH, Olivia Mora MSW, LCSW & Andrew D. Schonebaum MA

Psychiatric Quarterly

Meanings Associated with the Core Component of Clubhouse Life: The Work-Ordered Day (pdf) 

By Kimiko Tanaka & Larry Davidson


The Work of the Unit (pdf)

By Bill Waters

What if Nobody Wants to Make Lunch (pdf)

By Mark Glickman

Patienthood to Personhood (pdf)

By Jacqueline Peckoff

Why We Do What We Do (pdf)

By Edward L. Deci

Who Decides What to do, And When? (pdf)

By Kevin Bradley

Clubhouse Relationships Need Work! (pdf)

By Robby Vorspan

The Role of Staff at Fountain House (pdf)

By Stephen Anderson

Member Role/Staff Role:  Another look (pdf)

By Robby Vorspan

Ten Excuses Not to do Transitional Employment and Eleven Reasons Why (pdf)

By John Beard

Supported Employment in Clubhouse (pdf)

By Mark Maragnano

Transitional Employment:  The Most Supported of Supported Employments (pdf)

By Ralph Bilby

Supporting Member Education (doc)

By Alan Doyle

What Makes a Great Unit (pdf)

By Ruth Kaufman

From Philosophy to Practice (pdf)

By Jarl Bengt

Stages in Realizing the International Diffusion of a Single Way of Working: The Clubhouse Model (pdf)

By Rudyard n. Propst

The Clubhouse Journey to Recovery (doc)

By Mark Glickman



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