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" Our partnership with Fountain House has benefited our company as much as it has the members of Fountain House . We get highly motivated workers and the reward of making an impact on someone else's life."
- Leslie Harwood
 Managing Director, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank

sites/default/files/TE.jpgHelping members find and keep jobs within the larger community has been a primary goal of Fountain House since our founding. To that end, we have developed innovative strategies to support our members - on and off the job - and a network of corporate partners with whom we work closely.

We cultivate a broad spectrum of opportunities tailored to the unique needs of each member and employer. In collaboration with these companies, we are able to create everything from heavily supported situations, where Fountain House staff may provide job training, on site support, or absence coverage to less supported situations, where we may only provide a referral to the employer, to anything in-between.

Members and employers alike reap numerous benefits from working with Fountain House. For our members, the rewards are obvious: financial stability, productivity, fulfillment of aspiration, a place in society. Our corporate partners stand to gain enthusiastic and well-trained employees; reduced costs in benefits, recruitment and training; and the social investment in our members rejoining society through paid work.

Besides directly facilitating employment opportunities, we encourage members to discover and sites/default/files/Job Board.jpgpursue their own professional goals. We offer job coaching, assistance in resume writing and job search, mock interviews, long-term career planning, and networking opportunities. The program also provides supports to help members manage crises and periods of transition. Most importantly, Fountain House offers a community dedicated to the members' success and a stabilizing and supportive force in their lives.

Fountain House has recently launched a social cooperative program designed to encourage entrepreneurship and support members in their small business-building efforts.

"I heard about Fountain House through a family contact. I became a member on July 7, 2009 and started my recovery. Two members and my staff worker reached out to me and motivated me to work and follow my dreams. My self-esteem was low, but the sense of community - the feeling that I was accepted, even with my illness - was powerful. After about a year, I began a job at the law firm Cravath, Swaine & Moore through the Fountain House Employment Program.

The job at Cravath changed me. Encouraged by my experience and my supervisors there, it was the first time that I thought I could go back to what I'd always wanted to do. With the help of my parents and Fountain House I graduated from the paralegal school at Pace University."
-Ryan W.
Member, Fountain House