Around the House

By Ashley Womble
Fox's Chasing News learned that life on the farm is pretty sweet.
By Ashley Womble
Fountain House's employment and education programs, College Re-Entry, and Fall Fete were featured in the Wall Street Journal.
By Ashley Womble
Fountain House has teamed up with the World Health Organization to put an end to early mortality.
By Elizabeth Lion
The event highlighted importance of combating stigma among marginalized groups.
With the recent passing of Dr. Sacks, people living with serious mental illness everywhere have lost a friend and an advocate.
We are very proud to welcome David Kapten, Rita Larrañaga, and Claudia Jean-Pierre to the Executive Fellowship program.
Fountain House is not just a job, it is a second family to me.
By Ariella Kadosh
I am somehow thriving on my own. I should be happy, but to be honest, I am terrified.
By Camille Tibaldeo
Fountain House Gallery’s End of Annual Meeting Season Celebration honored two dear friends of Fountain House Gallery: Ellen Philip and Cal Donly.
By Kenneth J. Dudek
As a dialogue emerges amongst some mental health experts and academics, advocating for the return of asylums for people living with serious mental illness, Kenn Dudek responded to a recent article on the topic in JAMA.


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